Knowledge and Strategy

The Perfect Plan

Planning your digital ecosystem is always better with the right planning and tools. RE3 has a proven methodology with the right systems to develop effective ROI.

Grow your business with accurate, actionable insights.

Digital Audits & Research

The power of reaching your targeted audience and ROI lies within your digital presence. 

We perform a comprehensive audit of your business’ online presence and find what works, what doesn’t and how it can improve. Once your audit is complete, we develop a strategy and plan that delivers digital success for your brand.

  • What success looks like to you & your business
  • What are your competitors doing?
  • Where should your marketing spend go?

We get to understand what you are doing well and what needs work to do better. Our reporting software provides interactive data visualisations that enable you to focus on what matters most – efficiency, continuous growth and conversion.

Reporting that helps grow your business with accurate, actionable insights.

No matter your industry or marketing strategy. Our dashboards simplify your reporting by making it easy to read, follow and work with. We handle the setup of your dashboard by linking it to the platform where your business’ tracking takes place. The data is then extracted, tidied and migrated into your dashboard. It’s as simple as that, with our partner, Growth Insights.

Digital Strategy & Planning

Develop your strategy and a well-thought-out digital channel plan with us. We focus on working with tools such as partnerships, influencers and content creation that lead to conversion and growth. Our 4-phase planning model focuses on ongoing improvement.

  • Your impact.
  • How far do you want to take your brand digitally?
  • How do you make the process better for your clients?
  • Managing, adapting and change.


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